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Okay, raise your hand if you went back and rewatched the couch-gument before moving on to the rest of the ep. :D I certainly did. Twice. Just to make sure I really saw what I saw. Danny sniffling over an alien giving birth, Steve being his smoothest with the arm on the back of the couch, heck, Steve trying to SNEAK into Danny's apartment. Why? Just because he could. Because he's so ninja. Except, you know, not.

I love that we've gotten to see the goofier, relaxed side of Steve in these past few eps. I've missed him! I was afraid the writers had forgotten that he's kind of a dork. And incredibly fond of Danny.

I absolutely loved this ep. It felt right. I loved all the Steve/Danny moments and of course, I loved the dog. He was adorable! And Danny with dog? The adorability goes to eleven. I'm just sayin'. Even with the poop in Steve's office (oh, Steve, your face.)

So nice to have Kono being Kono! Being adorable with Chin! Teasing him about getting the munchies! And Max, with the camaro. I love him more and more with each ep.

I never watched "Heroes", but I did really like the guest star guy. I hope he shows up again.

Also, would someone please explain to Five-0 that you should surround the suspect first, before announcing yourselves? Not that I mind watching them run, but, you know, it's getting silly at this point.

This ep hit all the right notes for me, and nothing felt rushed, even with all the supporting cast popping in to do their part. So happy to have my show back!!

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