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I feel like writing but I'm all aimless and unfocused. ::flails:: It's the holidays. Too much stuff going on. Although, not really--I'm not very busy this week. I think it's the thinking about having stuff to do in the future that is distracting me. How silly is that?

So anyway, I'm calling for icon prompts. The way it works is:

1. You post a comment.

2. I'll write a SGA drabble/ficlet inspired by the icon you've used.

Because I love icons. Icons are such happy things. I think everyone should do this meme in their own journals. ::eyes flist:: And yes, by everyone, I mean YOU.

ETA: Eeep! Okay, that's enough now for me to work with! ::pets pretty icons:: Oooh, inspiring!!

ETA2: Warning: Ficlets may contain spoilers for SGA 3.12 "Echoes".
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Okay, I'm restless and bored and having a slow day at work. (Apologies to all who would like to be having a slow day at work). So, post a comment to this post using a SGA or SG1 flavored icon, I will write you a ficlet inspired by said icon.

Or, at least, I will try to. I may get totally stumped. And it may take a day or two.

I suppose I should limit this to the first five or six people who post.

ETA: Eeeep! That was quick! Thank you, I think I have my work cut out for me.

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