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I couldn't resist making some Sam and Dean (or rather, JA and JP) icons from the new SPN gag reel. They are just too adorably goofy. Watching all that grinning and clowning around did lift my spirits. Not sure I'm ready to watch the SGA bloopers again though. ::sniffs::

Here are some icons of silliness )
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[ profile] sheafrotherdon has the most lovely Joe!Face Festival going on in her journal. All those dorky, glorious caps inspired me to make some Joe!Face icons to share. How not, with all that lovely, silly, dorky, hot, snarky face stuff going on? Some caps I snagged from the festival, and some are my own--I can't remember which were which now, so I hope no one is offended if I don't credit the images except for 'hey, go and check out the festival'.

1. 2. 3. 4.

5. 6. 7. 8.

9. 10. 11. 12.

13. 14.

Please feel free to snag and I'd be happy to add text to any of them.
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I was once again enjoying a cruise through [ profile] reedfem's gallery of lovely, mostly naked men (often doing things with other lovely, mostly naked men)* and next thing I knew I was on an icon-making spree. So I figured I'd share.

It's interesting working with the photos--the color ones tend to be very bright, and require different techniques to bring out the details than the screencaps I'm used to working with. And the black and white photos are a challenge all their own. But overall I'm pleased with how these came out. And thank you, Reedfem, for your tireless efforts in gathering these images and sharing them with us. ::hugs:: You totally rock!

*So not worksafe

click here for icons. BTW, not worksafe. )


Sep. 11th, 2005 10:23 pm
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...or more accurately, My Obsession with Sheppard's Face. The expressions! The lips! The eyebrows!

Ah-hem. Nope, not obessed here, not at all

::closes down GIMP and rubs aching wrist::

Anyway, please help yourself, if you are so inclined. )
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Recently I directed someone to [ profile] reedfem's lovely, lovely gallery of male images, and then decided that my crappy day would end on a much better note if I spent some time making icons of some of these lovely male images. And I must admit, I'm feeling pretty darn mellow at the moment. Nothing like pretty, naked men touching each other to brighten up my day. So I thought I'd share the happy.

Please, feel free to take, use and enjoy, if you are so inclined. )

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