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Just a little moment between them, that I was unable to make into a fic. At least not yet.

The thingy )
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Just a quick little bit of Jack/Daniel smut. Inspired by [ profile] mmmchelle, and [ profile] raqs with her yummy PegB J/D goodness, and last, but not least, [ profile] cedara.

And the damn weather.

Snow Day )
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Of the Jack/Daniel variety. Really quick and dirty, and so not profound. Just...smut. Because they need to have some fun too, right?

All Wrapped Up )
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 This fic is starting to drive me crazy, so, I think it's time to post it, because if I agonize over it any longer, my head will explode, and that wouldn't be pretty, would it?

 It's Jack/Daniel, Season 7-ish, and nothing really happens in it. Well, aside from the smut. Much thanks and kisses to my darling betas, [ profile] mmmchelle and [ profile] kylielee1000. ::snuggles them both::

This Day in History )

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Title: Weakness
Fandom: Stargate SG-1
Pairing: Jack/Daniel
Summary: Something's got to give. A post "Zero Hour" fic.
Notes: Thanks to my lovely beta's, [ profile] kylielee1000 and [ profile] mmmchelle, who are very wonderful. I'm thinking this ended up being a tad sappy, but they seemed to think it was good sap, and so I trusted their judgement.

Weakness )
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Because I haven't played with Jack and Daniel in a while, and because my other fics aren't going anywhere. Kind of quick and dirty--I apologize for any errors.

A post-New Order snippet. Or maybe a missing scene )
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Happy Birthday, my darlingest [ profile] gigitrek!

Hope you have a marvelous day, with lots of cool presents! In case you were wondering what other important events occured on this day, I found some special little tidbits from This Day in History:

1982: KITT's Debut. The first episode of the television show Knight Rider aired on this day, starring David Hasselhoff as private eye Michael Knight. However, the real star of the show was "KITT," his talking car.

1990: X rating abolished. The Motion Picture Association of America abolishes the "X" rating, replacing it with "NC-17," a rating designating a film with content inappropriate for viewers under age 17.

And in 1888, poet T.S. Eliot was born in St. Louis, Missouri.

There you have it. Clearly, a special day in history.

And to celebrate, I have written a little ficlet, just for you.

Dinnertime )
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This was crossposted to [ profile] bagfulloftricks, in response to [ profile] burnt_smore's hand!love challenge. Make that a late response. It was a last minute kind of thing, mainly because yesterday was a really slow day at work. I figured it was a good way to keep myself entertained.

It's a Stargate SG-1, Jack/Daniel ficlet, called:

A Hands-On Kind of Guy )
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[ profile] destina issued a Jack/Daniel hotel sex challenge a while back, and as much as I tried to resist the idea, I just couldn't help myself. Thing was, I didn't really have any good ideas for one, just sex, but I wrote it anyway. It ain't much, but you know how it is, writing it is the only way to exorcise the demon. It's unbeta'd, and knee-deep in cliches. With a handful of run-on sentences tossed in for good measure. Read at your own risk.

BTW, I'm sure some of you will notice the bits inspired by [ profile] troyswann's recent adventure.

Rated Five Stars )
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This one is for [ profile] skater_g8r. She requested SG-1, Jack/Jack. So I gave it a try. The ficlet is rough and unbeta'd, (sorry!) and a bit longer than I intended. It's hard to be concise with this kind of thing. It's a sequel of sorts to Reason #435 Why Offworld Sex Is Not a Good Idea.

Consequences )
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I'm feeling a bit cranky today, so I wrote this to amuse myself. It's not beta'd, and probably a bit rushed, but being that I'm in a mood, I'm not sure it's worth the effort to pretty up.

Reason #435 Why Off-World Sex is Not A Good Idea )
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Yay, finally done! My latest Jack/Daniel fic is done, done, done. Or, rather, I'm done. Done with it completely. I can't look at it any more. So it's done, too.
Much thanks to Destina and Kylie for the great beta'ing. You ladies are both terrific.

Without further ado, here it is:

If a Tree Falls )
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Alrighty, here it is, my fic for the Jack/Daniel ficathon. This was written for [ profile] jacklemmon, who requested a first-time fic, light on the angst.

The Space Within )
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This bit of pure and simple smut was inspired by a discussion regarding SG1 fandom and fanon on [ profile] kylielee1000's journal. [ profile] destina mentioned something about fics where Jack and Daniel fight for control in bed, or more precisely, the lack of such fics. She happened to mention she would like to see more of said fics, so I would announce that this fic is for her, except that would be like me cooking dinner for Julia Child with a set of cheap, aluminum pots and a stove missing two burners and I just ran out of oregano and cut my finger while chopping the onions...well, you get the idea.

So, without further ado, here's what I think happens when Jack and Daniel are both feeling kind of alpha.

Alpha Is Just Another Letter )
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I wrote a little Jack/Daniel smutlet in honor of Masturbation Month. I don't suppose I need a summary, do I? The subject matter is sort of obvious. Let's just say it's smutty and a little silly. This is what happens when I try to work on my ficathon assignment. ::sighs::

Mucho thanks to Kylie for the super-quick beta, and for all her lovely enthusiasm.

The Money Shot )


Apr. 20th, 2004 10:32 am
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See my beautiful icon of Daniel being beautiful? Salieri made it. It's beautiful. As is she.

It somehow inspired this odd little Jack/Daniel ficlet. Or vignette.

A Bird in the Hand Gets Tangled in the Sheets )
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