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I rewatched "The Storm" last night as I couldn't sleep and needed some pretty. Oh yes, John and Rodney brought the pretty. Along with some of my favorite exchanges:

WEIR: The city can handle that?
McKAY: Yes – theoretically.
SHEPPARD: Like dinosaurs turned into birds theoretically, or theory of relativity theoretically?
McKAY: What?! Uh, sort of between.

John is SO flirting with Rodney.

Regarding the grounding stations:
SHEPPARD: And mine?
McKAY: Uh, it’s a brisk walk away.
SHEPPARD: And by ‘brisk’, you mean ... ‘far’.
McKAY: By ‘walk’, I mean ‘run’.

So. Cute.

Also, I had forgotten how damn GOOFY John is in the beginning of this ep. Plus, we still had full-on snark!Rodney, which will never not be hot.

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Because Rodney is delicious.

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On the one hand, I have cramps. On the other hand, I have achieved a John Sheppard level of sticky-uppedness with my hair. ::is proud.::

So, in honor of the hair, enjoy some John Sheppard/JF Especially Fabulously Good Hair Days:

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I've already done my 8 Days of Happiness meme, but here's some bonus happy (warning - not dial-up friendly). Because I miss Team Sheppard so very much!

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I caught "Aurora" on Scifi this morning during their SGA mini-marathon. Oh, the love! It's one of my favorite episodes, full of teamy goodness, snarky Rodney, dorktastic John, adorable John/Rodney bickering, sly Teyla and a goofily implausible plot. Oh, and ridiculous costumes. And an exasperated Caldwell. It has everything I want in an SGA ep. Take a look and see: )
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It's [ profile] lamardeuse's birthday! Yay! Happy birthday, sweetie!

Hmmm...let's see if we can get John Sheppard to help you celebrate! )
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I may have watched the blooper reel more times than is strictly healthy. But they are so cute! With the grinning and laughing and silliness! ("That is not a rhetorical question"). I made some caps, and even though the quality isn't that great, it still makes me grin to see all that grinning.

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Grrr. I had watched exactly one ep of S4 on my shiny new DVDs (Adrift. Oh, Rodney! Oh, John!) when our DVD player started making Bad Noises. And then stopped playing. We're off to buy a new one tonight.

In the meanwhile, I watched the deleted scenes on my computer. And made some screencaps. The quality isn't all that great, but there was some seriously adorable stuff going on there and I just couldn't resist.

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and he LEANS. Who am I talking about? Why, Lt. Colonel John Sheppard, of course!

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I was working on my Kink and Cliche fic the other day and it required some serious thought as to how hot John Sheppard is. And you know what? He is hot. Totally hot.

The evidence, not that any of you out there need convincing... )
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A picspam for [ profile] tx_tart, featuring our favorite hot sexy DANGEROUS Colonel.

No, really, he is. )
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