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Oh come on, like I could resist!

Home )
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Just a little John/Rodney ficlet. Because that damn episode has wedged itself into my brain and refuses to leave.

Blue Skies )
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Some John/Rodney fun--contains slight spoilers for "The Return".

Because this was just handed to us on silver plate, wasn't it?

Connection )
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A little ficlet for [ profile] mmmchelle, who is stressed-out and working way too hard.

Epiphany, as it should have been )
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No, really, this is serious stuff. And you all can blame [ profile] mmmchelle for it, because it was all her idea. ::smooches chelle::

Inadequacies )
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Title: Breathless
Pairing: John/Rodney
Rating: NC-17
Notes: I just couldn't resist playing with an enzymed-up Rodney. Much thanks to [ profile] mmmchelle for her thoughtful suggestions. Contains spoilers for SGA episode #10, "Lost Boys".

Breathless )
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What can I say? [ profile] sdraevn and [ profile] mmmchelle inspired me with their bastard fic. *g* Of course, theirs were hot and porny and sweet, while mine is just kind of silly. I tried to go with the porn, really, I did, but I ended up with this instead.

Post-Condemned Pre-Porn ficlet )
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I did it, I succumbed to the call of the Post-Siege III Fic. I couldn't help myself--poor John, walking off by himself like that at the end, he seemed so alone. So...fic. Sheppard/McKay fic.

Much thanks goes to [ profile] mmmchelle for suggesting the most perfect final line ever.

His Place in the Universe )
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This is the fault of [ profile] rivier and [ profile] danvers. Written quick, probably kind of sloppy, and based on that scene in "Home".

He's With Genuis )
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Okay, so I have to come up with a title. But my brain is feeling all squishy at the moment. I will eventually have both of these fics beta'd, and will post on wraithbait and archive it. But in the meanwhile, here's a generally pointless and smutty follow-up to Untitled Post-Sanctuary Fic Part I. Much thanks and kisses and hugs to [ profile] wickdzoot, whose thoughtful comments and suggestions made this much better than it was.

Untitled Post-Sanctuary Fic Part II )

And eeep! Less than two hours left!! Wooo!
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How not? *g* But really, this is all [ profile] mmmchelle's fault. And once the damn idea got into my head, I had to write it down. Slow day at work, yes. *g*

Quick and dirty, unbeta'd at the moment, just an attack of smut and silly.

Untitled Post-Sanctuary fic )
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Yes, more Atlantis. Just a little Sheppard/McKay post-"Storm" ficlet, for [ profile] wickdzoot.

Superman )
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