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Okay, so Danny was a bit of an ass in this one, and a lot of issues were played for laughs in an uncomfortable manner. I still enjoyed it, though, because there was Danny, and Steve, and Steve and Danny. Their chemistry is off the charts and they really are delightful together. Also, obnoxious Danny makes me laugh because Scotty does it so well. And he was called out on his shit, by everyone, especially Steve.

I thought it was interesting that Steve and Danny had a cargument about religion, which is so rarely addressed on TV. And what made Danny's disrespect more tolerable for me is that it wasn't just focused on Hawaiian beliefs, but all religion. It's not news to me that Danny is a jerk sometimes, although it would have been nice if we got to see his softer side along with it this time.

Things I did like:

The return of Goofy Steve. Oh, you are so adorable, with your face. And giving Danny flirting tips, yeah, Smooth Dog, you are definitely one to be giving Danny advice. I love that AOL seemed to be having a lot of fun with this one, and I like to think that it's because he got to work with Scott nearly the entire time.

MAX. How are you so awesome? He fills me with glee, I swear. I love him calmly explaining that the corpse couldn't become a zombie because his face was blown off. And the guys just going along with it.

I loved Danny checking out the apartment at the crime scene And that he knows what a Berber carpet is.

Surfer!Priest was awesome. And that was a lovely moment with Kono.

TEAM! Doing TEAM things! Helping Danny move! And Danny's going to buy a pot and maybe even a pan! But no, the ghost drove him out. Okay, I think it would be hilarious if for the rest of the season, he keeps seeing ghosts. Because he's pissed them off. So they're going to mess with him.

I wonder when Steve is going to point out that Danny keeps dismissing all the decent apartments he sees because he's afraid of commitment? Because he totally is. Getting a decent place to live and buying pots and pans and flatware means that Hawaii is your home, dude. Face it.

Also, Steve, please keep wearing those snug t-shirts. I like.

Chin, keep on commenting about Danny's big bed and things he might be doing in that big bed. You're adorable when you are being fresh.

And hey, Lori didn't bug me in this ep! I could have done without the scene in the mental hospital, for a lot of reasons (really Steve, you needed her profiling skills?) but her presence wasn't so jarring this time.

All in all, aside from some disappointing stuff, it still was pretty fun for me.

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